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Proth Weight Applet information

This applet computes a "Proth Weight" for each Proth coefficient k. The computed weight indicates the asymptotic expected density of primes of the form k*2^n+1. The weight is normalized to the prime number theorem; a coefficient with a weight of 1.00 would have the same density of primes as a randomly chosen set of odd numbers of the same magnitude.

The best and worst weights computed are displayed for your use. Note that if the weight is computed as 0, the number is very likely a Sierpinski number, and the number is not included among the list of worst weights.

For more information on Proth primes, and how to find them, go to this web site:

You should be able to figure out the applet's use easily; however, there may be bugs. If you find any bugs, report them and I'll try to fix...

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The source code to the applet is here. I make no claims about the quality of code; I'm not a Java guru.

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